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The Intruductions of Products:The product used wide in chemical industry, oil, to spin and weave, medicine, building, aviation, space flight, highway, road, plant protection, waterweeds breed, metallurgy machine etc. professions. Wire's production including Galvanized wire, redrawing wire, all kinds of wire for building. The company manufactures all kinds of wire mesh. Main products: Protecting mesh fence for railway, road, airport, prison etc , chain link fence, Welded wire mesh , the protecting of all kinds of machine, gabion box, Hexagonal wire mesh, Breed, Plastic plain wire mesh (breed, chicken's cage, fish cast etc ),Crimped wire mesh, Square hole wire mesh, Brass wire mesh, Phosphor Bronze wire mesh,steel aluminum plate mesh,etc.Weaving machine of crimped mesh, Plain wire wire-cutting, wire-drawing machine, Welded machine, Great electric welded pieces machine etc .

Nationally advanced 66 sets of cutting, welding, weaving, coating and molding equipment, 5 senior engineers. Here are some pictures of our workshops.


Hebei Yuanmai Metal Products Co., Ltd. factory production line 0


Our company supports the production of OEM and ODM, and is committed to creating products that satisfy customers.ODM are often best suited to produce products that are standardized and have a high level of demand, as this allows them to use their existing designs and production processes to manufacture the product more efficiently and cost-effectively.

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